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  • Why Buy From Us?

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What people are saying about us...

  • “Thank you for your unbelievable customer service. I have alopecia and I needed to get new hair before we leave on vacation. I have NEVER encountered an online company as one-on-one and as friendly as yours. I'll be coming back time and again to The Wig Warehouse. Thank you!”

    Christine Lee

  • This is one of the best sellers I have ever dealt with. Besides the quality of the product I bought, I had a personal contact with with the person in charge and he was absolutely helpful to me. I liked the personal courtesy, the company and the product so much that today I decided to buy another wig (in a different color). Kudos!

    Sonia Bloomfield

  • Contacted seller because I was concerned about the color of the wig. Response was almost immediate, and they worked with me to make sure that I received the exact color that I wanted.

    Jackie Chrisensen

  • NEVER have I had the support and patience of a company! Namely; Sarah, I understandably have a hard time dealing my hair problem. I was treated like a preferred customer. Although this was my first time. It certainly will not be my last! Buy the way the wig was just as I told it was! The color & fit was amazing. Even over the phone we were able to make sure the size and color was perfect!!!!

    Diana VanHouten